Who We Are

Our directors and principals have decades of experience solving bet-the-company problems and resolving complex, multiparty disputes.

The Reneo Consulting team finds the best solutions ensuring the most positive outcomes. We mold our team to fit your needs so that we can better assess the situation and provide powerful insights.


Formed by the law firm of Gilbert LLP, Reneo Consulting directors have helped numerous clients overcome existential threats and have secured tens of billions of dollars in dispute settlements. As strategic consultants with unparalleled, versatile experience, Reneo Consulting team members offer a substantial advantage over one-dimensional industry leaders.


Our team’s capabilities run deep in the areas of mediation, negotiation, product development, and creative solutions within the international business market. We are globally recognized innovators focused on tactical analysis of many different and difficult scenarios, with the goal of providing our client’s with the best possible results without compromising quality or quantity. Simply put, we do not believe you need to choose between the two. We will deliver exceptional results with a reasonable fee structure attached, because the Reneo Consulting team believes strongly in our services.


Having represented Fortune 500 corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, associations, government agencies, and high-profile individuals, our team members are critical assets for unique challenges. Reneo Consulting excels at analyzing and strategically advising in times of transition or distress no matter the situation. Our experts rise to the occasion because of our robust background knowledge and creative problem-solving skills.


With over 30 years of practice under our belts, Reneo Consulting can guarantee an unmatched level of satisfaction to our clients through positive results, sustainable relationships, and established trust. You want Reneo Consulting on your team because we’ll put our best foot forward every time with your best interest in mind.