What We Do

Reneo Consulting’s tailor-made team offers unique solutions and unparalleled work ethic.

Reneo Consulting LLC is a strategic consulting firm helping businesses, private and public organizations, and individuals resolve their most intractable and complicated challenges.  Reneo Consulting is well-versed in litigation management, crisis management, and strategic negotiation among other practices which ensure our clients’ core business interests are maintained.

Reneo Consulting brings strategic, legal, and organizational expertise to bear when helping its clients identify and evaluate the risks they face.  We develop and implement the best strategies taking into account the time and resources available.  Reneo Consulting’s hallmarks are the unique problem-solving skills, strategic insights, multi-disciplinary approaches, and spirit of innovation that our directors have demonstrated and honed over the past three-plus decades.  Reneo Consulting’s services include:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Crisis management
  • Enterprise risk management (including insurance consultation, strategy and recovery, and loss mitigation)
  • Dispute resolution (including litigation management, ADR, and negotiation)
  • Federal, state, and local government relations

When you are facing an unprecedented challenge, it’s important to consider the best combination of experience, knowledge, and skills needed to deal with it successfully. Insert Reneo Consulting: a strategic consulting firm founded on the fundamental premise that the team we provide must be tailored to the problem you have, not the other way around. We will assemble the right team, led by a Reneo Consulting director, to tackle your precise problem or challenge by drawing from a deep and diverse pool of talent within and outside Reneo Consulting, including consultants, lawyers, experts, and advisors with relevant experience and expertise.

Where traditional legal work is called for, clients may draw on Reneo Consulting’s affiliated law firm, Gilbert LLP, or other law firms of their choosing. Where crisis management expertise is necessary, we can call on consultants and advisors privy to the appropriate course of action. Whatever our approach, we make sure the team is nimble and cost-effective.