How We Add Value

The best fee structures are those in which we win when our clients win.

Reneo does not take on a matter unless we can add value.  And clients do not pay Reneo unless they receive value.  Reneo does not bill clients by the hour.  Instead, Reneo is compensated for its work on a flexible value-billing basis.  This means that depending on the nature of the engagement, we are paid through contingency fees, deal percentages, success fees, and other fee structures under which we get paid for results.  Occasionally, for discrete projects, Reneo works on a fixed-fee basis.

Reneo’s value is its unparalleled ability to assess and solve the most challenging problems, and its fees are a function of that value.  The problems that will bring you to Reneo are not ones that can be solved simply by the expenditure of time.  Value-based billing emphasizes the importance of aligning our incentives with your interest in solving your problem as quickly, efficiently, and successfully as possible.  The best fee structures for both Reneo and its clients are those in which we win when you win.