At Reneo Consulting, we help private and public entities solve their most intractable and complicated problems.

Reneo Consulting LLC is a strategic consulting firm helping businesses, private and public organizations, and individuals resolve their most intractable and complicated challenges.  Reneo Consulting is well-versed in litigation management, crisis management, and strategic negotiation among other practices which ensure our clients’ core business interests are maintained.

When you are facing an unprecedented challenge, it’s important to consider the best combination of experience, knowledge, and skills needed to deal with it successfully.  Insert Reneo Consulting: a strategic consulting firm founded on the fundamental premise that the team we provide must be tailored to the problem you have, not the other way around.

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Reneo Consulting provides strategic guidance that is both effective and practical.

In order to ensure our custom approach is effective, Reneo Consulting uses a tailored, flexible rate structure which adheres to the client’s best interest. Generally, clients do not pay Reneo Consulting via an hourly billing or retainer-based system; we get paid when you are satisfied. This means that depending on the nature of the engagement, we are paid through contingency fees, deal percentages, success fees, and other fee structures under which our compensation is based on results. Occasionally, for discrete projects, Reneo Consulting works on a fixed-fee basis. Reneo Consulting’s value is its incomparable ability to assess and solve the most challenging problems for our clients; our fee structure only adds to that value.

In short, we do not take on the matter unless we can add value.

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Our directors and principals have decades of experience solving bet-the-company problems and resolving complex, multiparty disputes.

Reneo Consulting was formed by the law firm of Gilbert LLP. Our directors have helped numerous clients overcome existential threats and have secured tens of billions of dollars in dispute settlements. As strategic consultants with unparalleled, versatile experience, Reneo Consulting team members offer a substantial advantage over one-dimensional industry leaders.

We enjoy expertise in many different areas with both our internal and external consultants. With over 30 years of practice under our belts, Reneo Consulting can provide an unmatched level of satisfaction to our clients through positive results, sustainable relationships, and established trust.

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